What To Do If Your Energy Is Being Disconnected

What To Do If Your Energy Is Being Disconnected

It’s uncommon to have your energy cut off, but if you haven’t paid a bill that’s due within 28 days, have already been offered a payment plan, and you still haven’t met the obligation (or refuse to enter a dialogue at all) – the supplier is within their rights to pursue the option of disconnecting the supply.

However even then it can take time. First they need to apply for a court warrant and inform you they are doing so. Even at this stage you can contact them and come to agreement. If the warrant is granted you will then have the option to attend court, where again you may be able to come to a repayment agreement and keep your supply on.

If you fail to attend court they will usually rule against you. Even if you attend court they may still do so. At this point you should be given a 7 day warning, at which time the company will attempt to disconnect the supply. You should not physically interfere with this process as it could open you up to criminal charges. If you have a smart meter installed they might be able to disconnect you remotely without having to enter the property.

Even if the supplier obtains a warrant it does not mean they will follow through with the disconnection. You might still be able to come to an agreement. Furthermore rather than leaving you with no energy supply at all, it is common practise for them to replace your current setup with a prepaid meter. That way you are still obligated to pay the debt, but can purchase energy with a key or card when needed.


Certain citizens are exempt from having their energy supply disconnected.

By law a pensioner living alone or with children under five cannot be disconnected between the months of October and April.

British Gas, EDF Energy, npower, E.on, Scottish Power and SSE, have all singed an agreement to not cut off the energy supply of anyone who has a disability, long-term health issues, is in severe financial difficulty, or has young children living in the home.

If your energy is supplied by another provider this does not apply.

Getting Reconnected

If you have been disconnected it should only be temporary. As soon as you agree to a repayment plan or pay the debt in full, you must be reconnected within 24 hours. If the supplier fails to do so, you can claim compensation of £30. However you may be charged a reconnection fee and security deposit before the reconnection.

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