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Here's a guide through people's most frequent issues with Korean Air and how to sort them out. Get all the available contact options to reach Korean Air and how to file a complaint.

Korean Air telephone numbers

Customer Services 080006562001
Customer Services 0800413000
Regional Office 2078511557
Heathrow Airport 2088970030

Korean Air is a South Korean airline company with its origins in the 1960s. It has been operational in the United Kingdom since the early 1990s and has developed a strong reputation for providing high-quality services to its customers. Its operations in the UK are based at London's Heathrow Airport, where it has a number of hangar facilities as well as a large office complex.

Korean Air is one of the world's leading airlines and operates a large fleet of aircraft that service both short-haul and long-haul routes. It has a particularly strong presence in the Far East region, where it offers a number of popular destinations including Beijing, Shanghai and Tokyo. In Europe, its key markets include London, Paris and Frankfurt.

The airline has won numerous awards over the years for its services, including being named 'Airline of the Year' by Skytrax in 2013. It is also one of the few carriers that offers a first-class service, which includes features such as lie-flat seats and private suites.

Korean Air is committed to providing passengers with a high-quality flying experience and aims to exceed customer expectations on every flight. Its cabin crew are highly trained and provide excellent service, while its on-board food and beverage offerings are extensive and varied. Passengers travelling on Korean Air can expect a truly world-class flying experience.

What is Korean Air Covid policy?

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic it is important that you check each airline travel updates before booking a flight as well as right before your flight. To know about Korean Air Covid-19 updates click here.

What are the terms for reimbursement for cancelled or delayed flights with Korean Air?

If you had a problem with a flight, such as a cancellation, delays or you were denied boarding you should ask if you are eligible for compensation. These may include a hotel room to wait for the next available flight, phone calls, refreshments or a choice for reimbursement. Go to this link to read about ticket changes and refunds.

How do I check in for my Korean Air flight?

If your flight is coming up we recommend you do your check-in online, this way you will be able to bypass lines and avoid some of the airport hassle. For web check-in click here.

What is the status of my Korean Air flight?

Search for a Korean Air flight here. Search by route or flight number and departure date.

How to contact Korean Air?

To contact Korean Air, either to file a claim, ask a questions or any other reason, you can do so by calling : 080006562001 (Customer Services) 0800413000 (Customer Services) 2078511557 (Regional Office) 2088970030 (Heathrow Airport)

You can also reach Korean Air online through this options: