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Here's a guide through people's most frequent issues with Clydesdale Bank and how to sort them out. Get all the available contact options to reach Clydesdale Bank and how to file a complaint.

Clydesdale Bank telephone numbers

Customer Services 0800 345 7365

Clydesdale Bank is a banking institution that is headquartered in the United Kingdom. The company offers a variety of loan and credit services to consumers and businesses in the region. Some of the products that Clydesdale Bank offers include personal loans, business loans, car loans, and mortgages. The company has a number of branch locations throughout the United Kingdom, where consumers can go to apply for a loan or get assistance with their banking needs. Clydesdale Bank is one of the largest banks in the United Kingdom, and it has a strong reputation for providing quality products and services.

How do I apply for a Clydesdale Bank loan?

To apply for a Clydesdale Bank loan you have to be over 18 years old and a UK resident, you do not have to have applied for a loan in the previous three months. Also you have to be a Clydesdale Bank, Yorkshire Bank or B customer or have a Virgin Money acount with a online banking registration, have a clean credit history for the last three years. You can do the application on line by their website, by phone or if you are a customer from the bank also you can do it by your internet banking

What documents do I need to apply for a Clydesdale Bank loan?

In order to apply for a Clydesdale Bank loan you need to upload the following documentation about your identity, address and income. You can see all the documents required here. You can see all the documents required here

What happened if I change my mind about my Clydesdale Bank loan?

If you regret about your Clydesdale Bank loan within 14 days after you sign your agreement, you have to repay the amount you borrow plus any interest generated. You have 30 days to do it.

How to contact Clydesdale Bank?

To contact Clydesdale Bank, either to file a claim, ask a questions or any other reason, you can do so by calling : 0800 345 7365 (Customer Services)

You can also reach Clydesdale Bank online through this options: