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Octopus Energy

Here's a guide through people's most frequent issues with Octopus Energy and how to sort them out. Get all the available contact options to reach Octopus Energy and how to file a complaint.

Octopus Energy telephone numbers

Customer Service 0330 808 1080

How do I become a Octopus Energy customer?

To become a Octopus Energy customer you have to ask for a quote through their website or by phone. They will contact your previous provider, so you don't have to do that, you just have to stop your direct debit with your previous supplier if it is the case. No worries, your energy will not be cut it. The process of switching will last up to 6 weeks since your new contract.

What I have to do to cancel my contract with Octopus Energy?

To cancel your contract with Octopus Energy you have to notify the company by phone. You will be asked to send your final meter reading. After that, they will send you your final bill. They will not charge you any fees.

What I have to do if I want to continue with Octopus Energy after I move?

If you want to continue with Octopus Energy, you have to notify the company on line. If it is possible, let them know 17 days before you move so them can supply your new house since the day you move in. If you can't, don't worry, the important thing is to let them know the day you will move with your new address and the corresponding meter readings.

How to contact Octopus Energy?

To contact Octopus Energy, either to file a claim, ask a questions or any other reason, you can do so by calling : 0330 808 1080 (Customer Service)

You can also reach Octopus Energy online through this options: