An issue with Rapid Despatch?

Rapid Despatch

Here's a guide through people's most frequent issues with Rapid Despatch and how to sort them out. Get all the available contact options to reach Rapid Despatch and how to file a complaint.

Rapid Despatch telephone numbers

Basingstoke Office 01256638148
Farnborough Office 01252640064
Reading Office 01189875979
Southampton Office 02380553322
Sales: Basingstoke Office 01256638140
Accounts: Southampton office 02382024964

What to do if my Rapid Despatch parcel got broken or is missing?

If your package got damaged you have up to three days to make a claim to Rapid Despatch and up to seven for loss. When making a complaint, remember to include all the possible details and proof of value of the missing or damaged goods.

How to file a complaint with Rapid Despatch?

If you want to file a complaint for damaged goods, misdelivery or loss of your consignment, you have so send a written complaint you have up to seven days to do so.

How to contact Rapid Despatch?

To contact Rapid Despatch, either to file a claim, ask a questions or any other reason, you can do so by calling : 01256638148 (Basingstoke Office) 01252640064 (Farnborough Office) 01189875979 (Reading Office) 02380553322 (Southampton Office) 01256638140 (Sales: Basingstoke Office) 02382024964 (Accounts: Southampton office)

You can also reach Rapid Despatch online through this options: