Shopping on vacation – guidelines for destinations outside of the European Union II

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Food items

If you plan on importing animal products for private consumption into the EU, you should research the strict guidelines.

Meat and milk as well as sausage products or cheese might have to be checked by a veterinarian before they can be brought into the country. You may have to obtain certain certifications and keep documentation with you at all times.

Other goods

You have to declare any goods that you have purchased on your vacation if the total value exceeds EUR 300. This amount is EUR 430 if you travel by air or sea. Travellers under the age of 15 may bring products with a total value of up to EUR 175. The value of more expensive items cannot be split between individuals.


Cash amounts of more than EUR 1000 require prior written customs declaration. Coins and paper money that are legal currency as well as coins or paper money that are not legal currency, but can be exchanged for legal currency, count as cash.

Animals and plants

Protected animal and plant species may not be imported into the EU! You should check which products are prohibited before your trip. Local merchants might offer to issue you a so-called export certification. However, such a document may only be issued by the responsible customs authority of the respective country. If you attempt to bring back any prohibited products, they will be confiscated.


If you travel with expensive items such as professional photography equipment or jewelry, the customs officers might get suspicious. You can expect to be asked to provide proof that you have not purchased these items abroad. You can bring along receipts or take photos of the items that show the registration numbers.

Fake brand products

Replicas and copies of brand products may only be imported for private use. If the quantity of these articles is unusually large or if the customs officers are suspicious, there could be consequences. Owners of trademark rights can request all fake products to be confiscated.

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